Branch Basics and the Power of Pure


“If we can help change even one person’s life for the better with our products and education, then we consider it a success.  But of course, it is our utmost desire to enable and inspire as many people as we possibly can to live life clean and experience the power of pure as we have.”  
~Branch Basics

Finding cleaning supplies that are simple, affordable, and sustainable has been a challenge.  Not to mention, making sure the products work!  

I met the founders of Branch Basics at W.E.L.L. Summit in Boston this past April, and immediately fell in love with the Branch Basics story and mission.  This company is driven by a passion to help us thrive in our everyday lives.  They do this through their products with the goal of hopefully empowering customers to make daily decisions that positively impact health.  

Check out my interview below with one of the founders, Allison Evans to learn more about this amazing company!   

SS: Thank you for creating Branch Basics!  Did the idea to develop this product start after the Summer Detox you all spent together in the Texas Country? 

Branch Basics: We always say, “We never set out to sell soap”, and that statement is so true! Branch Basics is so much more than a cleaning line, but instead we use our products as a vehicle to educate and inspire others to create a healthy home in hopes that they, too, can experience a transformation in their health as we did. In that sense, absolutely, the “Summer Detox” was the launching pad for our company - when Kelly’s and my eyes were opened to just how powerful living in a truly clean environment really is. We learned that the things we put in, on and around our bodies can serve to rob and undermine our health efforts or to enhance and launch us to new heights. For me, this meant the reversal of severe PCOS, chronic pain resembling MS, and the inability to conceive naturally...all of which are things of the past!

SS: A lot of people say they have a hard time switching to non-toxic ingredients because they are not as powerful or effective.  What makes Branch Basics different, is there anything that it cannot clean?

Branch Basics: That is one of the main reasons it took us over 18 months and 100 iterations to create our formula! We knew that not only did it need to pass our high standards of safety (every single ingredient is pure, rated 1 on the EWG, and safe to use on the body), but it had to work! If not, people would move on. Branch Basics concentrate is unique in that it is ONE formula that, diluted with different amounts of water, can replace virtually every cleaner in your home. We joke that there’s not a stain it can’t remove! :) 


SS:  What is the mission of Branch Basics and what can we do to help spread the word?  

Branch Basics: As mentioned above, our mission is to educate and inspire others to create a healthy home, thus transforming their health. To this end, we share articles ranging from the importance of ridding the home of all toxic pesticides, cleaners, etc. and eating real food to the negative effects of EMFs and benefits of grounding. Basically, we believe true health is experienced when we can get “back to basics” and choose pure food and products for our homes and bodies. Pointing people to the plethora of articles on our blog, following us on social and encouraging others to take steps toward going “back to basics” is the most powerful way to spread the word!

SS: What does wellness mean to the Branch Basics Team?

Branch Basics: Wellness means getting back to basics - eating real food, thinking positively, and using clean products on ourselves and in our homes, thus allowing our bodies’ natural propensity to heal really kick in. We believe so much in the “power of pure”, as we have each witnessed first hand just how transformative a clean lifestyle can be. It can prevent cancer, reverse disease, rid of chronic symptoms, end infertility...the list goes on. 

SS: One of my favorite resources on your website (besides the shop) is The Branch Basics Soapbox.  Other than cleaning products, what are your top rules for living a nontoxic life? 

Branch Basics: The number one thing we tell people - the first place to start! - is to rid your home of all toxic pesticides, cleaners, synthetic fragrances, etc. Just get ‘em out! This one step is absolutely critical in the healing process and can do wonders overnight to your home’s indoor air quality. Use truly non-toxic cleaners and safe pesticide alternatives, when necessary. (They really do work!) Then look at your food - does it have added preservatives, dyes, flavorings? Is it clean and pesticide-free? Eating real food is truly medicine for the body. And what about the products we use daily on our bodies? Since our skin is our largest organ, these should be clean and free of health-robbing ingredients. And, of course, we are huge believers in the power of pure, positive thoughts. Take baby steps, move at a pace that doesn’t induce stress, because this alone can be toxic to the entire body. So, essentially, get “back to basics” and you will surely begin to experience the “power of pure” as so many others have!

For more information about Branch Basics head over to their website and be sure to use this code for a discount off your purchase!