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What attracts you to a company?  For me, in the world of health and wellness, it's the people and their enthusiasm for their product, along with the products themselves and the services they provide for the consumer.    

The founders of HUSTLE Smoothie Bar, have a contagious zest for life, for each other, and for their product.  Friends turned business partners, Helen, Kelly and Alicia, opened the smoothie bar with the simple goal of promoting an encompassing lifestyle of wellness.  

Every smoothie on their menu contains one HUSHUP + HUSTLE Blender Bomb.  My daily smoothies have never been better.  Whether making a smoothie at home or driving 20-minutes to pick one up, it's become a healthy addiction of mine.  My go-to favorites are The Peppermint Cacao and The Ginger Turmeric, always with Grain-Free Granola on top!

Check out my interview below to learn more!  

"I'm a hustler, baby!  I just want you to know." Jay-Z

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SS: I have an addiction, but in a healthy way!  For those that have not tried Blender Bombs, how do they make your smoothies unique?  

HUSTLE: Blender bombs are made with whole ingredients and make your smoothie a real meal replacement! They’re the perfect blend of protein, fiber and healthy fats to not only make your smoothies taste delicious but to keep you full longer!

SS: We are lucky in Charleston that we are able to come to the store (especially on the way to the beach)!  For those that are making Blender Bomb smoothies at home, what is your go-to recipe to share?

HUSTLE:  Our signature smoothie is the Chocolate Cravings Smoothie - made with cacao instead of cocoa and it’s a guarantee to curb your sweet tooth cravings!


Chocolate Cravings Smoothie
1 Cacao Coffee Almond Butter BB
1 frozen banana
4 ounces Hustle Mylk
1 Tablespoon almond butter
1 Tablespoon cacao powder

Note: You can also add 1 tablespoon of ground espresso for a little kick :) We use Second State Coffee in all of our smoothies.


SS: HUSTLE started as a pop-up location.  Do you have plans to expand?  If so, can you share? 

HUSTLE: OH YES! We want everyone everywhere to be able to stop by Hustle Smoothie Bar for a quick meal replacement option that is actually healthy! And tasty :) We plan to stay in Mount Pleasant but want to expand throughout the Charleston area (for all of our regular commuting guests!) then continue to grow.

SS: Helen, Kelly, Alicia - you are team of powerhouse entrepreneurs!  What advice do you have to those starting out with a new endeavor? What makes for successful collaboration and creating the perfect team?  

HUSTLE: A couple book recommendations for you!

1. The Magic of Thinking Big. This one will apply not only to your business but in every other aspect of your life. My personal fave :)

2. The E Myth - my biggest takeaway from this book was learning the different qualities of a successful business owner: you must channel your inner-entrepreneur, inner-manager and inner-technician and find the perfect balance between all three. Finally, you MUST believe and make decisions knowing that you are successful. Be smart but take chances and surround yourself with like-minded individuals who will support you. This endeavor was a huge team effort and we couldn’t have done it without all three of us and without our friends, family and community by our side.

SS: What does wellness mean to the HUSTLE team?

HUSTLE: Life is all about balance. “Sugar is bad for you” - ok well we put sweet delicious, organic fruit and local honey in our smoothies along with other powerful vitamins and nutrients to create a healthy, tasty smoothie for our guests. Wellness is about listening to your body’s ACTUAL needs - not what magazine articles and cereal boxes tell you because everyone is different. We also want to promote an overall lifestyle of wellness - we offer a 15% SWEAT discount if you come to Hustle right after your workout! We’re here to fuel your healthy, happy life :)

To make your favorite smoothie at home, head over to their website to order Blender Bombs and Grain Free Granola!  And for an extra treat, all HUSTLE retail products are 15% off through August.  Use CODE sarahstarling at checkout for your gear!    

As with anything that I share, feel free to reach out with questions or comments!  

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