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Welcome to Sarah Starling, Wellness Concierge™, a platform to connect those who seek empowerment through health and well-being.

Through my own wellness journey, I have been fortunate enough to connect with thought-thinkers and change-makers.  

I thrive by learning and expanding; sometimes through experiences that I seek and other times through experiences that happen to me.  Instead of directly sharing my story right now, let me start by sharing the stories of the people and companies that have left, and continue to leave, an impact on my life.  

The programs and products that my go-to experts have created, have enhanced all aspects of my well-being: emotional, spiritual, intellectual, physical, environmental, financial, occupational, social.  

It’s an honor to first introduce Ash Cebulka!  Check out our interview below. If only I could insert the sound of the cicadas chirping in the background while we sat in her backyard in Charleston sipping on Rose!


SS: For those that have never worked with a coach, how would describe your work?   

Ash: Well I don’t like titles, as you know, but the one that fits the most as of right now is Transformational Lifestyle Coach.  How do I describe my work? I help women who are either in a big life transition, or who want to go through a big life transition, navigate their way through a messy time in their life while helping them listen to and trust their intuition as they uncover their purpose and launch a purpose driven career.  

SS: Wellness, it is the IT the topic right now.  What does wellness mean to you?

Ash: To me it means taking care of your WHOLE BEING – mind, body spirit, and emotions.  It’s taking care of all aspects of your life. When I say taking care, it means educating yourself beyond what you even think is possible in any realm.  There is such a heavy emphasis on food and exercise, which is great and a part of wellness; but wellness is also making sure you are getting adequate rest, educating yourself about the sh!# that no one wants to educate themselves about - like finances and other areas of life that are points of stress.  Focus on these areas that bring up stress so that you can feel empowered. That is involved in wellness. Doing all of that helps you tap into your well-being.


SS: Passionately Free, you’ve described these as two of your favorite words!  Why?

Ash: Before we learn a bunch of dumb sh!# from the world, we are all born knowing that we are all Passionately Free.  I think that at our core that is who we truly are. We are born into this world full of passion, enthusiasm, and excitement; look at children they are such a great example of it.  Naturally feeling freedom, because freedom is a state of mind – I don’t equate it to how a lot of other people look at freedom, like having certain abilities to do things. I think that is part of it, but it really all starts in our mind and our emotional and mental well-being.  To me, I want to help people return to that remembrance of who they really are!

SS: Returning to Remembrance, I am certain is part of your Passionately Free Program that is launching next week.  Tell me about it!

Ash: I am SO excited about it!  Passionately Free - A surprisingly simple guide to help you uncover your passions, launch a purpose driven career and become the woman you were born to be.  It’s an online program filled with the best tools, practices, and strategies to help women eliminate overwhelm and take precious care of themselves, while they launch a purpose driven career.  It’s for women who are in a career that they cannot stand and want to dramatically change. To a woman who is a stay at home mom and hasn’t worked in 10 years plus and knows she wants to do something to tap into that passion, but has no idea on how to even start.  The online course has modules that you can do whenever and however you please, and you also get coaching calls - two personal one-on-one calls, as well as group coaching and access to an amazing group of women who are going the course with you. Truly building a community of women on a mission!  

SS: What is your biggest advice to creating what we truly want in this world?  

Ash: To me, this is four parts:

  1. You’ve gotta use your imagination, truly dream without any limits.  Because that is the gateway, showing you the coming attractions, that is what your imagination has the ability to show you!   Anchor into the practice of using your imagination often and trust what you see and don’t obsess about the how. Stay anchored into your vision, into the practice of using your imagination and stay curious about how it is going to happen.  

  2. Drop the shit about other people’s expectations and judgements of you.  If you really want to go after life and create what you want, you’ve gotta put on a little bit of blinders to other people’s opinions, limiting beliefs and fears.  Otherwise it is too easy to buy into other people’s stories. You are not here to live for them, you are here to live for yourself!

  3. Don’t just dream about it, do something about it.  You have to take action, because shit is not going to be handed to you on a silver platter.  No business gets off the ground by just thinking. Apple didn’t come about by Steve Jobs just dreaming, he took action.  Take action regularly.

  4. Know that fear is going to be part of it and you just have to move through it!  And the best way to move through fear is to take action!

For more information about Ash’s work, head over to her website and be sure to check out her new program Passionately Free!

As with anything that I share, feel free to reach out with questions or comments!  

“I believe we all have special gifts and a unique purpose inside of us.
It’s our responsibility to know what they are and how to share them with the world.
Owning your story, knowing your vision for the future and trusting your gut is the gateway to creating a life you love!”
~Ash Cebulka